Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Right of Refusal

                                                   The Right of Refusal   

                 Before “The Sixties “the self control or restraint that Americans formerly exercised on themselves was taught at home and reinforced at school, church and in our communities by responsible citizens who understood the need for Common Sense for it was born of common goals and the common good. Our Constitution has as its basis the tenets of Judeo- Christian theology with “The Ten Commandments” at its core and Morality as its code of conduct.    Morality taught us to develop a conscience, an internal guide to right and wrong. It required us to be responsible for our own actions. Communities developed Communal Consciences based on communally accepted behaviors or common sense. We self regulated our own lives guided by our many religious denominations.        
               The Sixties saw the rise of Liberalism/ Socialism which brought us Political Correctness which is state control of what and how we think. It requires no personal responsibility, no personal or communal conscience and removes any feelings of guilt.   Through Morality we are in charge of our own destiny.  Through Political Correctness the State is in charge of our destiny.   Liberalism/ Socialism seeks to pander to the dark side of man’s nature to allow us to self indulge in those aspects of wanton and base human behavior without those feelings of guilt that are formerly brought on by Morality and a personal conscience. The reward for this self indulgence is freedom from constraint by our fellow human beings! The only responsibility is blind locked step adherence to The Party that makes it all happen and an understanding that if you take the government’s money then they can tell you how and when you can live your life. (In small print in 187 languages)  
               The message of The Religion of Deception-Liberalism/Socialism/Marxism has been preached to us in small doses over a long period of time by pure antagonists and more importantly by our closest friends and neighbors for they have unwittingly bought into this dogma. As The Left stands on the roadside of life and points to and creates problems within our society they present themselves as the only party that can fix those problems and characteristically they project on to the rest of society the cause of the problems and blame us for all of the ills that they have created. But giving a huge swath of the people in our society our redistributed tax money in the form of handouts, government jobs, grants, extended unemployment benefits and crony capitalist loans to friends and political supporters in return for their allegiance we now find ourselves in a situation where  a minority of Americans are working to support a majority that does not contribute to “ The Common Good “and we are all under the proverbial Sword of Damocles but it is not swinging it is hanging precariously above our heads and if we make the wrong moves in the next ten months it could spell doom for this great nation and an end to “ The American Dream “ for a very long time!    

                 Perhaps the only solution to this blight that afflicts our nation is to begin at home and practice our refusal to adhere to Political Correctness and to then send our spouse and children out into the world to exercise “The Right of Refusal “at school and university, work, church, the Mall and in every walk of our lives. Liberals/ Socialists are at heart  ‘Bullies” and like all those throughout society when you confront them and stand toe to toe with them and have conviction about your own beliefs they will, after cursing you or denigrating you personally, wilt before you for theirs is not a belief system based in the Truth. Refuse to accept their premise on every aspect of their contorted view of life and press for your vision of America for if we don’t we will have only ourselves to blame for allowing them to bully us into their “Walter Mitty World” of a Socialist Utopian.

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